Competitive Teams

Acceptance and participation in the Competitive Program is through an annual audition.  Only those enrolled in the Pre-Professional Programs I, II, or III for the entire competition season within the studio will be considered.  Outside visitors from other studios are also welcome to audition. There is a non-refundable audition fee of $15 per student.

All students, regardless of age or years of training, will be placed according to their degree of accomplishment, ability, maturity, enthusiasm, physical stamina/strength, and commitment as decided by the director.

The benefits of competitive dance are numerous.  Competitions provide opportunities to learn and share techniques from other participants and schools. Dance in any form teaches proper posture, rhythm, coordination, strength, flexibility, classroom etiquette, discipline, commitment and teamwork. These qualities are all magnified within the competitive program- especially discipline, commitment, and teamwork. Each dancer has a responsibility to their company to attend all classes and ensure they learn their work. They must maintain the standard and enhance their group. Pride, accomplishment, loyalty, and teamwork are rewards that are far more important than the medals and trophies won. This intensive level of training enables each dancer to reach their full potential. The joy, excitement, and friendships created on competition outings are often lifelong.

Competition Info:

Competition Team Audition

2019 Audition: Sunday 9/8 @ 12pm

2019 Convention/Master Classes

Take Center Stage Dance Challenge Convention
Burlington, VT

2020 Regional Competition Schedule

Take Center Stage Dance Challenge
3/20/20 – 3/22/20
South Burlington High School, VT

Diva Dance Competition
4/24/20 – 4/26/20
Chelmsford, MA

Bravo Dance Competition
5/1/20 – 5/3/20
Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Lowell, MA

2020 Nationals Competition

Take Center Stage Dance Challenge
7/24/20 – 7/26/20
Montpelier, VT