Infinity Dance Studio has a wide variety of classes for students of all ages and ability levels. Whether you’re looking for a good workout for yourself or technical dance training for your child, we have a program for you.

The Pre-Professional Program:

The Pre-Professional Program, Infinity Dance’s core training curriculum for students ages 8-18, is an intensive course of study in Ballet and Jazz. The program is designed to help motivated and eventually, career-minded, students meet the dance arena’s highest standards. The path to attaining that goal is based on the director’s belief in the proven results of sound, concentrated training. Most importantly, the mode of procedure for the entire Pre-Professional Program is designed to encourage and enable students to advance at a pace that matches their abilities, interests and time commitments.  Students are encouraged to round out their education with optional Tap or Hip-Hop classes.

Pre-School Creative Movement: 

Creative movement offers a range of experiences that facilitate natural, easy play and proper development of alignment, neurological coordination and a fundamental exploration of baseline concepts that are the building blocks for future learning. For preschoolers, movement play in a creative dance setting can help to provide an essential educational experience. Through movement, songs, games and rhymes, children not only flex their muscles as they gain strength and endurance, but they challenge themselves emotionally and cognitively as well.

Children’s Recreational Classes: 

Tap, Modern, and Hip-Hop classes at Infinity Dance Studio are available a la carte for the student with a more recreational focus.  These classes also offer an opportunity for students within the Pre-Professional Program to round out their education in a less formal environment, with an emphasis on fun and individual expression.

Adult Dance Classes: 

Whether you are an adult new to dance, returning to dance, or looking to maintain your chosen craft, Infinity’s goal is to offer classes that allow you the opportunity to stretch the body and mind to your fullest potential. Classes blend expert instruction with fun and artistic expression. Students enrolled in adult dance classes will learn a choreographed piece and perform in the annual recital.

Private Classes:

Private classes are available and pricing varies depending on the instructor. Minimum rate is $30 per half hour. Please contact the studio for more information.